What is the point of wasps? What purpose do they have? To me they do a few things. 1. Annoy the hell out of you. 2. Put the fear of god into you. 3.Make you flap your arms around like a silly person. But seriously what do wasps do? I was intrigued so I googled the subject. According to fossil records wasps were around in the Jurassic age and are descended from a common ancestor of the bee and ant. I was not surprised to learn that most wasps are solitary creatures and are parasitoid which means they tend to lay their eggs on the larvae of other insects, the wasp eventually eating and killing the host larvae. Images of alien style sci-fi movies come to mind but hang on a minute this parasite comes in useful as a natural pest control within horticulture such as for whitefly on tomato crops. So while you are flapping your arms around like a silly person just remember maybe there is a use for wasps after all.

Author: mark071973

Observations about life in general

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