Is it me or are people getting lazy while driving these days? Take those stick like implements that point out from behind the steering wheel, yes indicators. No body seems to indicate these days especially on roundabouts or is it islands! Anyway how annoying is it when you are patiently sat at the roundabout waiting your turn to move and the driver heading your way doesn’t indicate and casually turns off leaving you sat there thinking I could have gone then! Then there is the driver who decides to pull into your lane on the motorway without even a thought of flicking up that stick to give you advanced warning that you will soon need to slam on your brakes because they have just taken up your breaking distance. Maybe modern cars are to blame. There are so many distractions now in cars. Phones, Sat Nav’s, MP3 players, TV’s, internet access, coffee makers, well there might as well be coffee makers as technology seems to be taking the skill out of driving. Driverless cars is the future they say. Maybe the sooner the better. Let the technology drive the car and allow the human driver the time to update their face book status or twitter feed or even make that cup of coffee. But for me Driving is a skill and one that we humans should continue to be in control of. Do you remember the freedom you felt when you first learnt to drive and the independence it brought. Keep on driving and don’t forget to indicate.

Author: mark071973

Observations about life in general

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